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This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council with funding

from the state of North Carolina and the National Endowment for the Arts,

which believes that a great nation deserves great art.

Star Community Theatre Workshop -- "How to Audition" for students ages 8-15

Dates: TBA
Times: 11:30-1:30
Location: Encore Dance Studio, 107 Charlotte Ave., Sanford, NC
Cost: $100.00

Additional Costs
Students need to come to every workshop with a small (1/2" to 1") three ring binder, highlighter and sharpened pencil.
Purchase of monologue book and song book is also recommended, approximate cost for books $25-$35. (Recommended vendor:
Students will also have the opportunity to purchase a sheet of head shots to be used at future auditions. $12.00. (Photos by Amy Smith)

Enrollment is limited to 6 students, first come first serve.

No refunds will be given for any reason.

Enrollment is online only, click here to enroll in this workshop.

Day 1 - Students are requested to do a practice audition. Students should come prepared with a memorized monologue or poem and song. A CD player will be provided for recorded accompaniment or students can perform a cappella. Instructors will give feedback on these auditions. This practice audition is not mandatory but will help give the instructors an idea of the students abilities, thereby allowing us to better help them choose appropriate material for future auditions. Please DO NOT purchase monologue books or song books just for this opening audition. If your child does not have any theatre experience they can recite a poem or a short monologue from a movie, play, TV Show or cartoon that they have seen. It will be better to purchase the materials AFTER the students have had a chance to look through the books available so they can choose a book that will be most useful for them.

Students will then be given access to monologue books and music books. With the help of the instructors students will spend time researching appropriate monologues and songs from these resource materials. Once students find appropriate materials they will need to purchase copies of the books. All books are available at If students already own these materials they should bring them to this workshop. Make sure all personal materials are labeled with the students name.
  • Supplemental activity - Students can sign up for a 10 minute appointment to have a resume picture taken by Photos by Amy Smith. For $12 students can get one sheet of the picture sizes of their choice to use at future auditions.

Day 2 - Students will be shown a sample resume, discussion on how to dress and present oneself at an audition. Students will work on their own resume, etc. Students will type their resume at home (or computers are available at the public library) and bring a printed copy back to the next session. Students who have their monologue and song books can begin working with the instructors on those items.

Day 3 - All books ordered should be received and brought to this session. Students will work on acting techniques, learn how to score their monologue and
work on vocal technique.
  • Supplemental activity -- Students may sign up for an individual time to work with the instructors on their monologue or song during the week.

Day 4 - Students will learn several basic dance steps that frequently appear in dance auditions. Students will also learn about what types of dance steps to expect at an audition depending on the style of the show, as well as information on dressing for dance auditions.

Day 5 - Students will practice their audition materials in a mock audition setting, including a dance audition, and get feedback from the instructors.

Day 6 - Students will perform their audition selections for a panel of guest judges and receive feedback. After this class we will have a "cast party" at the Dairy Bar for those who would like to attend.

If you have additional questions, please email